Marshmallow & Pistachio (Blue)

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Outer shell: Double Layered PU  leather.
Interior: TWAD filler (Patent) - Memory foam & PE foam.
Shock absorption and protection for newborns and infants, inter-layer noise-proof playmats.
Made in Korea
    Huella Shock Absorption & Protection Memory Foam Playmat
    Our company and manufacturer would like to assure our customers that all our products has went through intense testings and obtained certifications for each of our every products in line which includes zipper and fabrics etc. The certificates include Korea and foreign countries - Certificate for detection of hazardous substances of Switzerland, certificate for detection of physicochemical substances of Switzerland, KC certificate of Korea.

    Quality Management Certification


    Safety Certification

    LOLBaby Convertible Bumper Bed
    • 120 x 100 x 45 (cm)
    • 170 x 120 x 55 (cm)
    LOLBaby Bedding Set
    • 140 (L) x 110 (W) with (±5) cm
    • 150 (L) x 100 (W) with (±5) cm
    • 40(L) x 20(W) with (±5) cm
    LOLBaby 3D Mesh
    3D Mesh Mattress
    • Medium: 100(L) x 80 (W) with Height (±3) cm

    • Large: 150(L) x 100 (W) with Height (±3) cm
    3D Mesh Head Shaping Pillow
    • 34 (L) x 25 (W) with Height (±1) cm
    LOLBaby Waterproof Pad
    3D Waterproof Pad
    • Mini Size: 95 (L) x 72 (W) with (±3) cm

    • Normal Size: 140 (L) x 100 (W) with (±3) cm
    Huella Memory Foam Playmat
    3D Small
    • 160 (L) x 120 (W) x 3.5 (H) cm
    3D Medium
    • 200 (L) x 120 (W) x 3.5 (H) cm
    3D Large
    • 240 (L) x 135 (W) x 3.5 (H) cm